January 07, 2011

Paypal Donations

If you are interested in donating to Whisperwind Eleven I am providing a Paypal link below. Please don't feel the need to donate, I am okay covering the expenses of the guild which are basically Vent server (which has been flaky lately and I am going to move to a new datacenter today), Guild Portal site, and web host that we use for PIRATE and the front page.

However, some have expressed an interest in donating. Donations are welcome either in the form of Paypal, or brownies mailed to my house.

December 01, 2009

Haiku Contest Winner!

Whisperwind Eleven held a Haiku contest. The winner was eligible to win a trip through ToC-25 including 4 purples, tradeskill patterns, Crusader orbs and more.

Congratulations to Vatenkiest with the winning entry:
Must find ten bear's teeth.
I have killed one hundred bears.
Why only two teeth?

November 27, 2006

Get Attuned for Naxxramas!

This is a reminder to all guild members - get attuned for Naxxramas! The deadline for getting attuned is December 1st. Please check the forums for more information.

September 24, 2006

Blackwing Lair on Monday

We have an extra raid scheduled for Monday, September 25th. Standard raid time - see you all there!

September 05, 2006

Looking for raiding Shaman and Druids

Whisperwind Eleven is looking to recruit 2 Druids and 2 Shaman into our guild. We offer
1. A mature, friendly, positive and late-night raiding environment
2. Raids that start punctually.
3. A guild that has members who enjoy PvP, but put PvE first.
4. A family-friendly atmopshere with no swearing or crude humor
5. A low-drama environment. Low-drama personalities are a key quality we look for in our members.
6. A large number of parents and adults with real life responsibilities who are dedicated to excelling at this game by making the most of their available game time.

Who you are
1. You are attracted by all this guild has to offer. You aren't just looking for late raiding times, you're looking for it all. The family friendly environment, the late raid times, the low-drama environment, and a mutual dedication to progressing in the PvE raid game.
2. You love to heal. Though Druids and Shaman are multi-functional classes that can do many things, they maximize their own effectiveness and the effectiveness of our current raid environment by healing and enhancing others. We are not looking for a tanking druid who can heal if needed. We are looking for a healing druid who can tank if needed. We are not looking for a DPS Shaman who can spot heal when things are rough. We are looking for a restoration shaman who loves to maximize raid effectiveness through the intelligent use of totems.

If you are interested, please fill out an application or contact Joulez in game.

August 23, 2006

Patch Day! 1.12

Patch day means a new CTRA.

And for those who use it:

July 20, 2006

August Schedule

The goal for August is to get a full clear of Molten Core down to a single night, or one and a half nights. All of the Onyxia's are scheduled before Molten Core. The hope is that we can do Onyxia, and then after Onyxia clear 2-6 bosses in Molten Core. This allows us to return a later night and finish off the rest of MC.

To better allow scheduling of 20-mans, I'm experimenting with the format of the calendar. The 3-day resets of the 20-man dungeons is marked on the calendar in color. It makes the calendar as a whole a little ugly to look at, hopefully the benefit of seeing the 3-day resets integrated into the schedule is worth it.


June 27, 2006

IMPORTANT: Calendar Change

Instead of doing 2x ZG tonight (Tuesday) we are going to visit Molten Core.

See the forums for details.

June 26, 2006

July Schedule

This month's schedule is going to be touchier than normal - the goal is to get Ragnaros down by the end of the month. To make this happen we'll need to be making serious Rag attempts by early to mid-month and continuing to gear up when we can during non-raid play time.


June 16, 2006

Introducing - a second ZG run!

In order to fill our growing needs we are adding a second concurrent ZG raid on ZG nights. This will start as soon as patch 1.11 goes live. Introducing this second ZG raid will likely cause some pain as we divide the experience up between two raids. Our success will be a bit lower than normal for a while as we bring people up to speed. Hopefully this will be offset by the really fantastic players we've been meeting lately, as well as the extra loot table in ZG that 1.11 is adding.

If you are interested in running ZG at 11:00pm (guilded or not) - keep an eye on the calendar as soon as patch 1.11 hits! We're going to have some extra spots!

The second concurrent run will NOT apply to AQ20 yet (Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj). When we add more AQ20 to the schedule we will formulate a team of our best geared/highest-attendance members first to learn the encounters and figure out the bosses. As soon as this has been done we'll add the second AQ night the same as ZG.

Application Process

Applying for Whisperwind Eleven is simple.

First, be sure to read over the Code of Conduct to make sure you are okay with it. You need to know up front that if you want to join the guild for the loot, but you aren't totally happy with the culture set by the Code of Conduct - you are not going to have fun in this guild. All members are expected to get along with all other members. If you are a member and have an issue with an applicant, please raise that issue immediately.

To apply post an application in our application forum

May 22, 2006

June Schedule

I wanted to get some AQ runs in but it's just not possible without risking burnout. With Hakkar on farm status now ZG is too profitable not to schedule. Notice we are doing Onyxia "Rain or Shine". However many people we can get keyed and off-we-go to Onyxia.

The last two ZG runs of the month assume we are doing a full clear to Hakkar in a single night. If it turns out we can't do it, they are both scheduled on the first day of an instance reset so we can return on a later night and finish off Hakkar.

There are two ways we may squeeze some AQ20 in. One is after Onyxia we can do some AQ20 since Onyxia can be pretty short. The other is if we ever return to ZG on a second night we will likely have some time leftover at the end to zoom over to AQ20 and down at least Kurinaxx for a spell book.

Finally - as we continue grow there has been a lot of question about possibly setting up more ZG runs. This is a great way to get people geared up as they hit level 60. It's also important to me that even though MC is easier than ZG, new people should get time in ZG to sharpen their raiding skills. ZG is not only harder, but the 20-man environment is more intimate, and will allow us to gel better as a team especially for those new to raiding. Sometimes people who just come to MC can go "unnoticed" without having to play a solid game.


April 26, 2006

May Schedule

This is the current May Schedule. It is subject to small changes, though I will try to provide as much advance warning as possible and notice if that happens. Particularly if we get 40 people keyed for Onyxia then we will likely start attempting Onyxia immediately.


March 28, 2006

April Calendar


February 20, 2006

Loot and Raid Invites

Raid Invites

Raid invites are open starting at 10:45pm on raid nights. Get yourself invited to the raid by whispering the raid leader for the night "invite":

  • /w Joulez invite

The raid is formed in groups 1-5 based primarily on attendance. All those with 85% attendance or higher are always given a raid spot, unless class balance requires otherwise. Those with 85% attendance or higher may choose to sit for somebody else.

The waitlist

Guild members (and non guild members at officer discretion) on the wait list who don't receive a raid spot will continue to receive full attendance credit and as long as they meet one of the following criteria.

  • Playing on your main ready to be summoned at any time.
  • Playing on a registered alt. A registered alt is any alt that's in the guild with your "Guild Note" set to the name of your main
  • Offline or AFK but sitting in vent in either the raid channel or the "Raid Waitlist" channel with your volume turned up sufficiently so that we can request that you come in when we need you. You can then watch TV, play Diablo 2/Civ 4, or play a non-guilded alt as long as you remain in that vent channel and able to come in.

Any abuse of the generosity of the wait list (earning credit for basically doing nothing) will be heavily punished. If you can no longer jump in at a moment's notice, remove yourself from the wait list with the "wl remove" command. Don't freeload by leaving yourself on the waitlist and hope nobody notices. It is particularly important that you remove yourself from the wait list if you log off for the night

AFK/Offline penalties

People who are regularly afk or are offline when we ready check but decide to pull a boss anyways will not receive attendance credit. I understand that sometimes real life happens. The occasional afk or offline shouldn't affect people in the grand scheme of things. But it is unfair to those who are consistently attentive and ready to go to keep them all waiting for 2-3 people who are AFK.


Loot is shared using the Progression Incentivized Raid Allocation To Earn Loot (PIRATE) Loot system.

When an item drops everybody interested in the item rolls /random 100. Your /random roll is added to your 6-week attendance and 12-week attendance. 10 points are subtracted from this score for every item won in the last 6 weeks. The highest total point value wins the item.

Zone specific crafting items such as Gems, Skinning Materials, Nether Vortexes, are held in the guild bank. If you receive these items during a raid please mail them to the appropriate Guild Bank character at the end of the raid

Whisperwind Eleven alt raiding policy

  • We do not bring alts to core raids
  • You may offer an alt in situations in which you feel it would benefit the raid better than your main
  • Whisperwind Eleven occasionally has "alt" raids on super-farm material. Alts typically receive lower loot priority than any mains attending the same raid.

January 27, 2006

Setup (vent)

Everybody is highly encouraged to install both ventrilo and CT Raid Assist


If you do not have a microphone you won't be able to speak, but that's ok, it will still be useful to be able to listen.

You can download the ventrilo client here:

  • Download the PC or Mac version, install it, and run.

  • Create a User Name by clicking the "->" button next to User Name and then clicking "New" in the dialog box that shows up.

  • Create a Server by clicking the "->" button next to server and clicking "new" in the dialog box that shows up.

  • Server information:

    • Hostname:

    • Port Number: 28479

    • Password: ww11

  • Bindings: Don't worry about these

  • You can then click "Connect" to connect to the WW11 vent server

  • If you have a microphone setup the following is also recommended:

    • 1. Click "Setup"

    • 2. Check "Use Push-To-Talk Hotkey" - this will make it so that you only speak when you're holding down this hotkey.

    • 3. Place your mouse over the "Hotkey" edit box and hit a key to use for "Push-To-Talk"

November 30, 2005

Code of Conduct

Whisperwind 11 was created first and foremost so those who play at 11:00pm can come together and play.  In addition, we also like a clean and mature setting

Many of us are adults with families and responsibilities.  We play World of Warcraft to have fun, relax, and meet others. We expect the following

  • Behave maturely and treat others with respect.
  • Be helpful and contribute to the guild's success.
  • Follow the looting rules.  No ninja-looting.
  • If you are unhappy with the way something went on a run, take it up with the raid leader in private chat afterwards, don't cause public drama.
  • If you want to give somebody advice about the game, do it respectfully and with a private tell.  Make sure you are doing it for the betterment of the team and not to stroke your own ego.  If you're unsure, send the request to the raid leader.

The following are discouraged

  • Obscenities, whether concealed (a$$) or explicit.
  • Swearing/cussing is disallowed in raid chat, guild chat, and vent
  • L33t sp34k
  • Using abbreviated text such as "ne1" for anyone and "u" for you.
  • R-Rated and/or offensive subject matter