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September 24, 2006

Blackwing Lair on Monday

We have an extra raid scheduled for Monday, September 25th. Standard raid time - see you all there!

September 12, 2006

Chromaggus down!

We knew we could take him down and we did! Time Lapse and Frost Burn were the flavors of the week and after a few wipes figuring out how to handle the breaths, the frenzy, the Bronze Affliction and the enrage, we got him down.

What I'm most pleased about is what an amazing turnout we had despite it being an unscheduled "non-tracked" run. This means a lot to me because it shows how much people just want to hang out and kill a new boss together. On a run that wasn't worth any attendance credit people genuinely enjoy playing the game and want to see the boss die. Congratulations everybody! Now let us speak of Nefarian...


September 10, 2006

Firemaw, Ebonroc, Flamegor down

We went in last night and 1-shotted Broodlord, Firemaw, Ebonroc and Flamegor! Congratulations everybody. There will be a BONUS run tonight and Monday to make Chromaggus and Nefarian attempts. Please check the forums for details.


September 05, 2006

Looking for raiding Shaman and Druids

Whisperwind Eleven is looking to recruit 2 Druids and 2 Shaman into our guild. We offer
1. A mature, friendly, positive and late-night raiding environment
2. Raids that start punctually.
3. A guild that has members who enjoy PvP, but put PvE first.
4. A family-friendly atmopshere with no swearing or crude humor
5. A low-drama environment. Low-drama personalities are a key quality we look for in our members.
6. A large number of parents and adults with real life responsibilities who are dedicated to excelling at this game by making the most of their available game time.

Who you are
1. You are attracted by all this guild has to offer. You aren't just looking for late raiding times, you're looking for it all. The family friendly environment, the late raid times, the low-drama environment, and a mutual dedication to progressing in the PvE raid game.
2. You love to heal. Though Druids and Shaman are multi-functional classes that can do many things, they maximize their own effectiveness and the effectiveness of our current raid environment by healing and enhancing others. We are not looking for a tanking druid who can heal if needed. We are looking for a healing druid who can tank if needed. We are not looking for a DPS Shaman who can spot heal when things are rough. We are looking for a restoration shaman who loves to maximize raid effectiveness through the intelligent use of totems.

If you are interested, please fill out an application or contact Joulez in game.

September 03, 2006

Broodlord Lashlayer Down!

That wasn't so bad - Firemaw - you're next!