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August 31, 2006

September Schedule

This month will stay fairly flexible depending on progress. The raid nights won't change, but the activity may. Onyxia is now marked only so we know when she resets and can squeeze her in when time permits. Farming MC and making progress in BWL remain the priority.

The goal is to see Nefarian by the end of the month.


Vaelastrasz Down!

On our second night of serious Vaelastratz attempts, he has fallen.

On to Broodlord and the yummy creamy center of BWL!


August 23, 2006

Patch Day! 1.12

Patch day means a new CTRA.


And for those who use it:

August 13, 2006

Welcome to Blackwing Lair

Razorgore the Untamed has been slain.