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July 22, 2006

Ragnaros Down!

After all our months of work in Molten Core, and finally 3 weeks of attempts on Ragnaros we have downed the big red dude!

Congrats to Raik and Joulez on their Tier2 pants, Ablatusorc on the Onslaught Girdle and Abbyss on the Choker of the Fire Lord.

Fantastic work everybody!


First three 8/8 Tier1

Congratulations to Iownyou, Deathpod and Desperate on completing their 8/8 Tier1 sets! Who will be next?


July 20, 2006

August Schedule

The goal for August is to get a full clear of Molten Core down to a single night, or one and a half nights. All of the Onyxia's are scheduled before Molten Core. The hope is that we can do Onyxia, and then after Onyxia clear 2-6 bosses in Molten Core. This allows us to return a later night and finish off the rest of MC.

To better allow scheduling of 20-mans, I'm experimenting with the format of the calendar. The 3-day resets of the 20-man dungeons is marked on the calendar in color. It makes the calendar as a whole a little ugly to look at, hopefully the benefit of seeing the 3-day resets integrated into the schedule is worth it.