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June 27, 2006

IMPORTANT: Calendar Change

Instead of doing 2x ZG tonight (Tuesday) we are going to visit Molten Core.

See the forums for details.

June 26, 2006

July Schedule

This month's schedule is going to be touchier than normal - the goal is to get Ragnaros down by the end of the month. To make this happen we'll need to be making serious Rag attempts by early to mid-month and continuing to gear up when we can during non-raid play time.


June 19, 2006

Majordomo Executus - PWND!

Just a day after killing Onyxia Whisperwind Eleven returned to our MC instance and downed Majordomo. Congratulations everybody and congrats Desperate on the Eye of Divinity - I sense a blessing of Benediction in your future.


Onyxia Down!

After a lot of practice and dedication Onyxia has been slain! Congratulations to our wonderful Dominatus friend Zooka on his Stormrage Cover and the new up-and-comer Deadunit on his Netherwind Crown.


June 16, 2006

Introducing - a second ZG run!

In order to fill our growing needs we are adding a second concurrent ZG raid on ZG nights. This will start as soon as patch 1.11 goes live. Introducing this second ZG raid will likely cause some pain as we divide the experience up between two raids. Our success will be a bit lower than normal for a while as we bring people up to speed. Hopefully this will be offset by the really fantastic players we've been meeting lately, as well as the extra loot table in ZG that 1.11 is adding.

If you are interested in running ZG at 11:00pm (guilded or not) - keep an eye on the calendar as soon as patch 1.11 hits! We're going to have some extra spots!

The second concurrent run will NOT apply to AQ20 yet (Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj). When we add more AQ20 to the schedule we will formulate a team of our best geared/highest-attendance members first to learn the encounters and figure out the bosses. As soon as this has been done we'll add the second AQ night the same as ZG.

Application Process

Applying for Whisperwind Eleven is simple.

First, be sure to read over the Code of Conduct to make sure you are okay with it. You need to know up front that if you want to join the guild for the loot, but you aren't totally happy with the culture set by the Code of Conduct - you are not going to have fun in this guild. All members are expected to get along with all other members. If you are a member and have an issue with an applicant, please raise that issue immediately.

To apply post an application in our application forum