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May 22, 2006

June Schedule

I wanted to get some AQ runs in but it's just not possible without risking burnout. With Hakkar on farm status now ZG is too profitable not to schedule. Notice we are doing Onyxia "Rain or Shine". However many people we can get keyed and off-we-go to Onyxia.

The last two ZG runs of the month assume we are doing a full clear to Hakkar in a single night. If it turns out we can't do it, they are both scheduled on the first day of an instance reset so we can return on a later night and finish off Hakkar.

There are two ways we may squeeze some AQ20 in. One is after Onyxia we can do some AQ20 since Onyxia can be pretty short. The other is if we ever return to ZG on a second night we will likely have some time leftover at the end to zoom over to AQ20 and down at least Kurinaxx for a spell book.

Finally - as we continue grow there has been a lot of question about possibly setting up more ZG runs. This is a great way to get people geared up as they hit level 60. It's also important to me that even though MC is easier than ZG, new people should get time in ZG to sharpen their raiding skills. ZG is not only harder, but the 20-man environment is more intimate, and will allow us to gel better as a team especially for those new to raiding. Sometimes people who just come to MC can go "unnoticed" without having to play a solid game.


May 16, 2006

Hakkar Down!

Well we downed Hakkar tonight! Last time we attempted Hakkar we put in 4 attempts and the farthest we got him was 45%. Tonight we went in and despite some early connectivity issues we got Hakkar to 11% on the first attempt. After some rezzing and some buffs he died on the second attempt in 8 minutes! Congratulations everybody!