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March 31, 2006

A Swift Razzashi Raptor!

Congratulations to Taurina on her Swift Razzashi Raptor that dropped off of Bloodlord tonight. Here she is showing it off in front of Zul'Gurub.


March 28, 2006

April Calendar


March 11, 2006

High Priestess Mar'li down!

Congratulations everybody. We're making fantastic progress through ZG. Enjoy your Bloodstained Greaves Roshnak. MarliDown.jpg

March 03, 2006

March Calendar

Lots of Zul'Gurub raiding this month! AQ20 and Molten Core to be added next month.


March 02, 2006

Bloodlord DOWN!

Congratulations after 4 nights of trying him Bloodlord Mandokir has fallen!
Awesome job everybody.