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Loot and Raid Invites

Raid Invites

Raid invites are open starting at 10:45pm on raid nights. Get yourself invited to the raid by whispering the raid leader for the night "invite":

  • /w Joulez invite

The raid is formed in groups 1-5 based primarily on attendance. All those with 85% attendance or higher are always given a raid spot, unless class balance requires otherwise. Those with 85% attendance or higher may choose to sit for somebody else.

The waitlist

Guild members (and non guild members at officer discretion) on the wait list who don't receive a raid spot will continue to receive full attendance credit and as long as they meet one of the following criteria.

  • Playing on your main ready to be summoned at any time.
  • Playing on a registered alt. A registered alt is any alt that's in the guild with your "Guild Note" set to the name of your main
  • Offline or AFK but sitting in vent in either the raid channel or the "Raid Waitlist" channel with your volume turned up sufficiently so that we can request that you come in when we need you. You can then watch TV, play Diablo 2/Civ 4, or play a non-guilded alt as long as you remain in that vent channel and able to come in.

Any abuse of the generosity of the wait list (earning credit for basically doing nothing) will be heavily punished. If you can no longer jump in at a moment's notice, remove yourself from the wait list with the "wl remove" command. Don't freeload by leaving yourself on the waitlist and hope nobody notices. It is particularly important that you remove yourself from the wait list if you log off for the night

AFK/Offline penalties

People who are regularly afk or are offline when we ready check but decide to pull a boss anyways will not receive attendance credit. I understand that sometimes real life happens. The occasional afk or offline shouldn't affect people in the grand scheme of things. But it is unfair to those who are consistently attentive and ready to go to keep them all waiting for 2-3 people who are AFK.


Loot is shared using the Progression Incentivized Raid Allocation To Earn Loot (PIRATE) Loot system.

When an item drops everybody interested in the item rolls /random 100. Your /random roll is added to your 6-week attendance and 12-week attendance. 10 points are subtracted from this score for every item won in the last 6 weeks. The highest total point value wins the item.

Zone specific crafting items such as Gems, Skinning Materials, Nether Vortexes, are held in the guild bank. If you receive these items during a raid please mail them to the appropriate Guild Bank character at the end of the raid

Whisperwind Eleven alt raiding policy

  • We do not bring alts to core raids
  • You may offer an alt in situations in which you feel it would benefit the raid better than your main
  • Whisperwind Eleven occasionally has "alt" raids on super-farm material. Alts typically receive lower loot priority than any mains attending the same raid.